I have a very dusty desk. I shall post photos of toys, perhaps on my dusty desk.

Hey, you should use this!  

Sometimes we build things up so high that when something lets us down about them, the fall sours the many positives that do result from said thing. However, sometimes when we expect mediocrity, the end result can be so astounding that we are left in awe.

Hey, but we’re just talking about toys here, right? Sure, Grimwing was good but disappointing, Ultra Magnus here I fully expected to just be that same old PRID Optimus mold with some shoulders yawn blah blah yawn.

And how very very wrong I was. Yes, he has a new head. Completely different paint (of course). Giant shoulders. But he also has BETTER paint. More of it. A super sexy hammer (gotta love Animated for starting that trend!) or Forge of Solus Prime if you’d rather call it that. Shoulders that shoot missiles, which is a cool throwback to his G1 self. A jetpack, which bizarrely is more substantial than than BH Optimus Prime’s. Yes, he’s a Optimus repaint. But he’s BLUE. An awesome blue at that. I had forgotten that this mold actually has some pretty damn good articulation, having ankle rockers but no wrist or waist, which is forgivable, really.

Does he have flaws? Yes. For some odd reason the robot mode’s Autobot symbol isn’t covered in alt mode, resulting in it being on display, upside-down on the vehicle mode’s windshield. His hips haven’t been improved either, they are really quite loose. But these? Minor, really.

I really like this UM, maybe even more than the already super sexy PRID one.


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