I have a very dusty desk. I shall post photos of toys, perhaps on my dusty desk.

Hey, you should use this!  

I actually got these a couple days ago, but I don’t really feel like taking pictures sometimes and honestly what does it matter and… yeah. Whatever.

These are the Autobot Data Discs. Having owned all of the discs now, aside from Laserbeak, who is just a repaint of Buzzsaw/Sundor and of which Ratbat is a remold, I would still have to say the bird mold is my favorite. Ravage/Steeljaw is still the worst, the “people” are alright, and Ramhorn I would like a LOT more if he wanted to go back into disc mode and stay there on a consistent basis. He just sort of, after about thirty seconds of me pushing and letting go to see if it stuck, finally sticks at random. He’s not bad, but the bird is simple, stays in disc mode, and works.

As for my favorite out of all ten? (well, I only have nine at the moment until the Takara Soundblaster comes…) Probably Ratbat. The slight remold to turn him from bird to bat, plus the remolding on a bit of the shell/wing pieces, and his purple just work.

I don’t have any Decepticon disc pictures? Maybe when Soundblaster comes…

Finally, I want a Rewind for super bro time with Function X-1 Code, when that reissue comes. I don’t even want to give him this one, because it’s so limited, I should just get the G1 Rewind… or maybe there’s a suitable 3rd Party option.


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