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Hey, you should use this!  

We interrupt me getting way too much amusement over the new Kamen Rider series being named similarly to one of my favorite movies of all time for…

SH Figuarts Kamen Rider Duke Lemon Energy Arms! December Tamashii Web Exclusive Release. 4860 Yen.

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First Look at Kamen Rider Drive’s theme song!


Spaceman says everybody look down, it’s all in your mind!

Gundam Geminass 02, December Tamashii Web Release, 5184 Yen.

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Ugh. Even with the awful hat, I’ll probably buy this.

SH Figuarts Kamen Rider Gaim Kiwami Arms. November Release. 5184 Yen.

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Did anyone post this yet? Did this go up yesterday or today? What day is it even? Are there still people?

Figma Motoko Kusanagi. December Release. 4444 Yen (before tax)

"You declared you would be three inches taller, you only became what we made you…"

So as I may have mentioned before The Who is my favorite band. Just something about their sound, the way they play, and the diversity between the personalities in the members just all comes together to make what I think is the best rock group of all time. It is unfortunate though, they are often overshadowed by other bands from around the same time period such as The Beatles or The Rolling Stones. But, I will always love Roger, Pete, John and Keith the most.

"When a man is running from his boss who holds a gun that fires cost…"

So it is a little sad that I will probably never, ever get fully articulated action figures of these guys. Not on the forefront of anyone’s mind, and certainly not nearly as popular as acts like Daft Punk or Michael Jackson in Japan (or even the US of course), there will be no Figma or Figuarts The Who. But, on mere chance one day, I saw that NECA was releasing figures of (oddly ’80s inspired in the episode, so come on, just do Keith okay?) the members that were featured in the Simpsons episode “A Tale of Two Springfields”. I needed to get them.

"Why should I care? Why should I care?"

For some reason, maybe a combination of Simpsons and The Who fans scooping them all up, or me just being late to the party, TRU.com, when I saw they had John in stock, was sold out of Pete and Roger. I was pretty bummed, I mean no offense to John, but I can’t get JUST him, you know? And then, a week or two later at a trip to the local Toys R Us, they had all of one figure from series two. Were they really that in demand?? A combination of lack of time and reasons to look, and I didn’t go to Toys R Us but maybe once after that. Until today. I was looking for the X-Men Legends (gotta get dat Rightclops and Storm!) and found a little robot bomb disposer… and these guys. Funny enough I originally thought that John was missing, but nah, they had two of all three!

"A beach is a place where a man can feel, he’s the only soul in the world that’s real…"

So, how are they? Well, they’re NECA so they’re smelly right out of the package! But only for a bit interestingly. A lot of other NECA stuff is a lot more pungent. The paint is nice on them, from Pete’s guitar pick, to the nobs on both his and John’s guitars. If you know what The Who look like, you will more than likely recognize who they are, albeit Simpson’d, so the sculpt is really nice as well. They just, you know. Don’t move. Their heads and waists are swivels and so are their arms, for whatever that’s worth. Half of their arms just look weird if you move them anyway. But hey, Roger’s mic comes out of his hand!

"Laugh and say I’m green, I’ve seen things you’ve never seen…"

But, despite their statue-ness, and Simpsons’d-ness, they’re still The Who. There’s no finer a band in history, and I am glad to at least have these little plastic representations of them!

"Only love… can make it rain, the way the beach is kissed by the seas…"

I QUIT YOU HEAR ME. Can’t I just work for you, Bandai, and you just give me toys?

Metal Composite Unicorn Gundam AWAKENING (that means extra sexy green psychoframe) ver. November Release 21,000 Yen.

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Ahem. I mean.

Zeta Gundam. October Release. 4860 Yen.



Oh don’t mind me, just letting people know that Japan Time for this gorgeous bastard is tonight. And he can do the “Hyper Mega Launcher? More like HUGE ASS BEAM SABER” pose too.


Zangetsu. He also has the same ab joint, and his works awesome just like Chalice. I think due to the design in the armor, his just works and feels a lot more, well, there than Gaim and Baron’s. Zangetsu’s chest armor doesn’t move either, which I know a lot of people were impressed with in the first two Gaim releases. Not a big deal though really, because Zangetsu is top notch.

Zangetsu, Gaim and Baron all have this heft to them that just makes them feel substantial in your hands, like you have something that is really top notch you’re playing with. Not saying stuff like Blade King or Chalice aren’t some of my favorite toys in recent memory, but, and especially Zangetsu, they just feel like it’s something amazing.

On top of that, Zangetsu just LOOKS outstanding. I love the shade of green he is, and even if it isn’t pure white, the base suit looks gorgeous. Plus, the Melon Defender is nice and big, and has two handle options. I was certain it would be a lot smaller, but it’s a damn good size shield.

All of the Gaim releases so far have been fantastic, I can’t wait for… running theme here, Gridon in July!

I would never get just a haul with one AoE Transformer all the way from Japan, come on now!

So yeah, here’s one of the other things I got today. How good Chalice is, and knowing that Blade King isn’t just some glorious fluke makes me a little sad that I didn’t get Garren. Yet. I mean, I’d rather have Jack form, and I will sometime in July, so I guess I’m pretty good with waiting. But really though, just the way the Blade guys’ joints are constructed, the way they’re put together, it’s really awesome. Both Chalice and Blade King have this really nice matte feel to them, and they look so smooth it’s just amazing.

The one thing that is the only disappointment I have about Chalice is his shoes aren’t patterned on the bottom. This may very well be the way that he is supposed to be, but after tons of Figuarts with detail level so amazing that even the soles of their feet are done? Ah well.

One really nice joint that I am not sure if Blade King has, but now that I look at it, at least May’s two releases have as well, is an ab joint that has a tilt built into it. It works really really well on Chalice, but not so well on the two from last month, which brings me to…

So what happened to all the Decepticons that were left in DotM anyway, were those cards besides the “core” five Autobots (good job on Jazz’s btw, since he’s been dead FOREVER) Decepticons or more Autobots? Were there even any left after Prime took their faces? Does anyone even care?

Anyway, so here’s a car. Sadly, this version of it doesn’t come with any weapons. Why? Who knows. From what I can tell, Ratchet and Starscream were given different weapons than their MechTech ones, and Dispensor was given a soda can gun from what the original mold has. I think I managed just fine though.

It kinda sucks that this mold wasn’t released in the US, there’s really nothing super special about it, it’s a pretty standard movie TF car. It has decent enough articulation, and things plug together nicely in car mode, and for the most part in robot mode too. He has a good amount of paint, but he is a Takara release, so. Car mode feels a bit hollow but then again, what figure from DotM didn’t feel a bit lacking really? Even saying all that, I think he’s pretty nice, and hey, at least he isn’t that satellite from RotF…

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US only - lowered some stuff, unfortunately these kids gotta go, and fast. I’ll give you a 30 minute window to pay tonight, so please let me know if anything. Prices include shipping, and everything is complete and with box unless noted. I’ll shave a bit off if you buy several items.  Please e-mail me at egnirys69[at]gmail[dot]com if interested in any of these, as I check that the most! Figuarts Kamen Rider ZX $25Figuarts Kamen Rider X $27Figuarts Kamen Rider Stronger $27
Figuarts Kamen Rider Super-1 $30Figuarts Kazuma 2nd Form $30



US only - lowered some stuff, unfortunately these kids gotta go, and fast. I’ll give you a 30 minute window to pay tonight, so please let me know if anything. Prices include shipping, and everything is complete and with box unless noted. I’ll shave a bit off if you buy several items.  Please e-mail me at egnirys69[at]gmail[dot]com if interested in any of these, as I check that the most! 

Figuarts Kamen Rider ZX $25
Figuarts Kamen Rider X $27
Figuarts Kamen Rider Stronger $27

Figuarts Kamen Rider Super-1 $30
Figuarts Kazuma 2nd Form $30


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Broly is hilariously ripped. He is 22cm (8.66”!!) 19cm (7.48”!!) tall though so…!

November release, 6480 Yen.

The source I got the 22cm info from is wrong, on the p-bandai site it says 19cm, which is 7.48”. Not as tall as I thought, but still really tall, and honestly I think a great value!

That cape is gorgeous. And yay, Ryuki is done!

SH Figuarts Kamen Rider Femme, November Tamashii Web Exclusive Release 4860 Yen.

(Source: p-bandai.jp)

Broly is hilariously ripped. He is 22cm (8.66”!!) tall though so…!

November release, 6480 Yen.

(Source: p-bandai.jp)